This is Why I Hate NBA Refs, just check ,out one of the Worst Calls in NBA History feat, Joey Crawford

I present you:

Nowadays the Refs are just not doing their job right. Last Night Manu Ginobili threw the lob pass to LaMarcus Aldridge , but luckily the ball went straight in the basket and that should easily be a valid 3- point made shot,but Michael Beasley grabbed the rebound and just dribbled to the Spurs’ hoop without inbounding the ball, everyone was shocked how the game continued and how the refs didn’t see the clean basket from Manu, another example is the travels that refs don’t call every NBA game, can you believe it ? And with the new rule for technical fouls and the expensive tickets for NBA games the refs just can’t call right

Musical Beat in the beginning and the end :

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