Who is the Premier League’s best goalkeeper?Man united-Liverpool-Man city- Everton

The great goalkeeper debate – and how good Ederson and David De Gea REALLY are
What’s notable is De Gea’s lack of passes per 90 minutes and indeed success rate in those passes. He also exhibits the longest pass average of the four keepers too.

This likely illustrates the Spaniard’s lack of comfort either in possession of the ball or indeed playing out from the back. His bias tends to be to play the ball long and clear any potential danger.

So, who is the best?
Ederson’s arrival to the Premier League raised question marks over the legitimacy of De Gea’s crown.

Now with the arrival of Alisson and Kepa too, the above data escalated serious doubts as to whether he can still boast the number one crown. Yet, it is worth nothing it has been an extremely difficult campaign for Manchester United. His best form this season has presented itself following the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Given his displays over the previous five seasons, he deserves another full season under a settled stewardship before being written off in the top spot debate.

As for City’s first-choice, he has perhaps proven himself as the most reliable and consistent of all four goalkeepers. He ranks prominently in each and every department and has notably yet to make a single mistake leading to a goal all season.

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