Sinisa Mihajlovic – Best free kick taker of all time

Sinisa Mihajlovic “The God’s left foot”

The greatest free kick taker in history of football.
Free kick goals compilation of Sinisa Mihajlovic.

Mihajlovic: “I don’t know if I’d play football if there were no free-kicks.”
Some people said that Mihajlovic’s ball not going so fast as the speed of light, but it’s going average about 165 km/h.

Mihajlovic scored more than 70 free kick goals and had a lot of assists…
There are some missing free kick goals while playing for Vojvodina, Red Star Belgrade and one missing free kick goal in an international match Romania – Yugoslavia 2000.
Also, he hit about 40 times woodwork and not once has it deflected in.

Mihajlovic: “I like to shoot with a swerve into both sides of the net. I often try scoring directly from the corners.”

Did you know:

– The house in which Mihajlovic grew up, where his father had to replace the garage door every few weeks because Mihajlovic destroyed them by practising free-kicks.

– Mihajlovic once scored free kick hattrick from 3 attempts, and for three times he scored 2 free kick goals (in same game)

– Still holds all free kick records in Seria A.

– Mihajlovic breaks Jürgen Klinsmann’s ribs, smash pleura with a ball from a free kick during a match between Yugoslavia – Germany 1998.

– On Inter’s training, Mihajlovic shoots ball strongly, hit and breaks Alvaro Recoba’s right ankle. Doctors on a first look thought it was a light injure, but later they realized that his ankle was crushed.

– Mihajlovic challanged Roberto Carlos and Andreal Pirlo on free kicks shootout and they decided challange.

– Sampdorian players Palobo and Maresca challanged their 45 years old headcoach on a free kick shootout. Mihajlovic accepts challange, but only in a bet of 50 € and if they shoot further from goal. Maresca and Palobo also accepts challange (see on 23:23)

Others about Mihajlovic:

– Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “I learned from Mihajlovic. When you’re around someone like Mihajlovic, you will learn to take free kicks in practice.” “Left foot that he has, you know, you can’t train to be good like him, that’s something you have to born with it.”

– As the previous holder of Serie A’s free-kick scoring record, who is better: you or Beckham? Or is there someone else?

Gianfranco Zola: “Oh God! This one is difficult. I think I was better from close-range free-kicks and he was better from long-range free-kicks. But there was one that was probably better than both of us: Sinisa Mihajlovic. He would just rack up goals from everywhere: short or long distances, he was equally lethal.”

– Juan Sebastian Veron: “Mihajlovic is the best free-kick taker I’ve ever seen. I played with Maradona, Beckham, but Sinisa is best at free-kicks.”

– Zinedine Zidane: “Personally my favourite free kick taker is Michele Platini… but Mihajlovic from Lazio, you know, you need to know everytime when he takes a free kick, that’s goal. He scored 3 free kicks from the same game. That’s really something isn’t it? Three different one, not three the same one, one from there, one from there and other from there, for me his left foot is fantastic.”

– Patrick Viera: “Left foot that he has, that’s the gift by the God, probably, he is the best in the world,”

– Recently a commentator in Australia said that if his family were locked up and about to be executed, and if you had to score a free kick to save them, Mihajlovic would be the man to take it.

– Jurnalist: “If only in football players could be substituted like in basketball, then Miha could play till he’s 50, just to come in for the free kicks and corners.”

– David Platt: “Only Mihajlovic is better than Kolarov on taking free kicks.”

– When Miha scored free kick hattrick opponent goalkeeper Fabrizio Ferron aproached and told him: “Have you got mercy?!”

– Ivica Kralj: “If Mihajlovic aims well and gets the ball over the wall, it is tough to stop it,” “No one wants to stand in the wall during practices when Mihajlovic shoots,”
“His ball has amazing power and bend. He’s undoubtedly the best free-kick expert in the world.”

– Duch managers watching Mihajlovic shooting free kicks on Lazio training: “Mihajlovic is not normal.” From 20 free kicks Miha scored 18, and only 2 times hitting the wall. ”

Many other says that he is the best: Mancini, Figo, Vieri, Stojkovic, Totti, Kolarov, Dzajic…

Song names:

1. Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage Extended Version 00:00 – 00:30
2. Protiac – Battery (DnB) 00:31 – 05:11
3. Protiac – Oxygen (DnB) 05:12 – 09:27
4. VOICIANS – Forsaken 09:38 – 15:31
5. Street Fighter 5 – Ken’s Theme 15:32 – 17:54
6. Nicolai Heidlas Music – 17:55 – 20:33

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