Mexico VS Brazil in Neymar Jr’s Ultimate Quiz | Neymar Jr’s Five

The winning teams from Red Bull Neymar Jr Five 2018 have an ultimate challenge: win Neymar Jr’s Quiz. The quiz contains fun questions about Neymar’s career and private life, the team that gets the most correct answers wins.

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Red Bull Neymar Jr Five is a five-a-side tournament. It is a fast, technical and fun competition, played in countries on six continents. The rules? Simple. Each match lasts 10 action-packed minutes, there’s no goalkeeper and whenever a team scores, the other loses a player. You need to outplay them all to win the ticket to the World Final in Brazil.

In 2018, over 125.000 players from 62 countries signed up with the dream of becoming World Champions. In the end, two teams owned the courts and won the crown: the boys from Mexico and the ladies from Brazil.

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