Liverpool Vs Tottenham 2-0 ⚽ Hot Girl Invades Pitch During Champions League Final Madrid 2019 ⚽ HD

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A scantily-clad pitch invader halted the the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham in the first half.

The blonde woman sprinted across the pitch wearing a revealing black leotard emblazoned with the phrase “Vitaly Uncensored”.

She was spotted running with her hands in the air before being caught by stewards and escorted from the field after the referee had been forced to stop play.

The woman is believed to be Kinsey Wolanski, the girlfriend of the Youtube prankster who invaded the 2014 World Cup Final.

But fans were left asking one question – who are “Vitaly Uncensored”, the group seemingly behind the interruption?

The adult website claims to undertake “wild pranks” of a sexual nature with “no rules”.

It is not the first time a huge game of this magnitude has been disrupted by a pitch invader, after members of Pussy Riot crashed last year’s World Cup Final.

The Russian protest-art group took responsibility in the immediate aftermath of the France vs Croatia showpiece being stopped.

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