Interview With Demetrious Johnson At One FC LA Open Workout

We got to talk to the Mighty Mouse himself Demetrious Johnson! Let’s hear about his transition to One Championship and how he’s doing. This is interview is from the first One FC open workout. One FC is making moves in the US market. Demetrious will fight in Tokyo against Yuya Wakamatsu. The fight will be March 31st. The guy that Might Mouse did the open workouts with is James Yang. Big thanks to One FC for giving Fight Commentary Breakdowns access to the open workout. Demetrious gave a shoutout to James Yang, Bibiano Fernandes, Matt Hume, and AMC Pankration in this interview.

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EXCLUSIVE | Bibiano Fernandes explains why Demetrious Johnson is a perfect fit for ONE Championship

James Yang – Martial Artist / MMA Fighter
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