FIFA World Cup 2002 – Disgrace of a Sport

In 2002, Korea and Japan were given the chance to host the FIFA World Cup. What was supposed to be a beautiful sporting event that consisted of flying colors from a variety of nations turned into an infamous plot to derail the hopes and dreams of the nations cheated.

During the tournament, South Korea defeated giants Italy and Spain through dirty tactics consisting of playing rough football and having advantages from the referees (No cards given, no fouls given, no suspensions, cards and fouls given to the opposing team, goals disallowed for the opposing team, offside calls).

Here is my highlight reel of what occurred during those infamous days. Disgrace of a sport.


1. Opening Music: Aegukga – South Korean National Anthem
2. Italy vs Korea: Transformers 3 – It’s our fight
3. Spain vs Korea: Position Music – Sanctum
4. Credits Music: Enya – Boadicea

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