About us

ShareonSport is a sports video social web/app platform for users and publishers when you really want to lean back and watch selected sports videos.
ShareonSport might just be the best sports online video experience yet.
The website (and soon iOS/Android apps) takes sports content sourced from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and re-packages it into sport arts categories.

What kind of sports categories will you find on ShareonSport?
We count seven sport arts category in total, ranging from all sports, football, tennis, basketball and American football, to rugby, hockey and more.

How is ShareonSport curated?
Every day our team watches thousands of sports videos on the internet and selects the best ones into the website you see – Yes, our full time job is to watch online videos all day, every day!
Also our users share sport videos and after approving the content, videos appear on our website as embedded from the original source.

Where are the videos from?
We find videos all over the internet but all of them are embedded from YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

How do you select the videos?
We have an extremely diverse team and each category is curated by a person who is truly excited and passionate about the subject of their channel.

What about the creators of the videos?
Content creators are super important to us and all the videos on ShareonSport are embedded according to YouTube’s terms which means that creators really benefit from being featured on the app or website.

Where can I watch ShareonSport?
You can watch ShareonSport soon on our iOS and Android apps and on our desktop web version.

How can I get my video featured on ShareonSport?
We’re all the time looking for best videos for the channels, so if you have a video you’d like to see featured, just share it and let us a link and we’ll check it out!

How do I watch my favorites videos on other devices?
You can sign up so that the videos will be attached to your account. This way, next time you login on any device, you will have your videos to watch.