in today’s video we’re going over the 30 most embarrassing moments in sports

In this video Mardy fish a professional tennis player falls over the net during this tennis match, he actually gets stuck for a good amount of time beffore he is helped back up

This next video is another tennis clip, in this video this unlucky nervous ball boy after retrieving the loose ball accidentally runs into the wall which makes a large bang noise which everyone hears

This next mixed martials art video shows joe harding a cocky fighter get pretty much what he deserves after he starts showboating and dancing mid round, joe literally looks away from his opponent and for this gets knocked out in this unbelievable clip

In this next short clip this Mainz goalkeeper misses the football when a defender delivers him a simple pass this simple mistake almost leads to his team conceding but luckily the goalkeeper reacts to the mistake fast enough to stop the ball from going in

This next goalkeeper does something very strange, instead of doing his job of defending the goal from the attackers of the other team he decides to take a sip of water

This next nigerian athlete in the long jump olympics loses her wig after her attempt at the long jump, her wig falls off mid flight and actually impacts her distance

In this next clip luis suarez pranks neymar by kicking the ball out from below his foot when neymar goes to tie his shoes but when suarez does this neymar isn’t too impressed

In this next bizzare mma clip a spectator from the audience throws a skateboard in the octagon making one of the fighters fall over completely ruining the match

In this next video something terrible happens, the sprinkler goes off mid game hilariously soaking the players and officials

10 – Sam dekker 3 years ago makes one of the biggest blunders of his career when he falls over with the ball and to make it worse when he falls over the ball hits him in the face after its dropped

This next bizarre mma clip shows a rare occasion where the two fighters knock each other out at the exact same moment as one another

In this next nba clip this hornets player kemba walker shoots a 3 pointer then celebrates way too early this was timed so perfectly to perfectly embarrass the player

In this next stupid and embarassing moment this cameraman is on a segway and while trying to record usain bolt he falls off the segway and takes out usain bolt in the process

This next nba clip is hilarious while walking of the court this player accidentally slaps a kid in the face while trying to high five his fans

This next oregon runner celebrates way too early in this next clip ashe thinks he is so far ahead of the other runners he can celebrate early only to be overtaken and beaten

Similarly as the last clip this cyclist celebrates way too early as he is one lap away from the finish line but in this video he believes he has won

In this next video jack sock a tennis pro is unfortunately taken out of the game in this clip when he is hit in the balls by the ball from his opponent which all men can relate to how much this hurts

In this next clip you’ll see the worst stretchers in football history as they fail in their jobs of taking the injured players off the field

In this next clip caroline wozniacki and dominika kibbel cova don’t take this tennis match too seriously and instead perform a dance expedition to make fans laugh

20 -The same tennis player from the last clip caroline wozniacki gets her hair stuck in her racket a common problem amongst female tennis athletes

In this next rugby video this player celebrates too early to score a try in rugby you have to place the ball on the floor but this player takes a few seconds before doing so to show of but gets tackled

In this next clip an nba player runs into a waiter holding a plate full of beers which the waiter spills all over the floor soaking the waitress and spectators

This next clip referred to as the spiderman nba incident shows a man dressed as spiderman run on the court and be quickly apprehended by security

This next video shows a youtuber named vitaly who streaks the world cup final in 2014 he is quickly apprehended by security as soon as he invades the pitch

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