15 Ridiculously Stupid / Worst Referee Decisions against Lionel Messi ►NOT Mistakes ||HD||

The Worst Referee Mistakes against Messi ! But Do These Ridiculous Acts by Referees Look Like Any Mistake !? Because it looks like ALL of Them Were Intentional Decisions by The Referees !

It is widely said by anti-Messi camps that Leo Messi or FC Barcelona are protected by referees and other teams can not play rough against them. Some people even consider Pele and Maradona better than Messi because they think Messi is often protected by referees and opposition players / defenders are forced to play ‘soft’ vs Lionel Messi. This videos shows quite the opposite. Leo Messi doesn’t receive any kind of special treatment from referees. Rather, in many cases the referees are very harsh too him. Watch it FULL to know the truth.

The 15 Referee Fails / Blunders vs Lionel Messi :
~ Messi vs Getafe 2012 : 100% clear penalty denied and accused of diving ,
~ Messi vs Valencia 2011 : Clear penalty denied and accused of diving ,
~ Messi vs Valencia 2011 : Possible penalty denied and again accused of dividing. The same match ,
~ Messi vs Atletico Madrid 2014 : La Liga title winning valid goal disallowed for wrong offside call. Messi’s league winning goal was wrongly disallowed for offside. The ball bounced off of Atlético Madrid player / defender Juanfran towards MessI ,
~ Messi vs Sevilla 2011 : Valid free kick goal disallowed ,
~ Messi vs Real Madrid 2011 : 10-11 Home Clasico. Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid. Yellow carded for being elbowed by Carvalho ,
~ Messi vs Real Madrid 2012 : Warned by referee for a foul against him by coentrao ,
~ Messi vs Real Madrid 2012 : Copa Del Rey (CDR). Messi vs Pepe. Pepe stomps on Messi’s hand and referee does nothing ,
~ Messi vs Colombia 2015 : Copa America. Gives Messi yellow card because he asked for a corner. But then eventually gives the corner kick ,
~ Messi vs USA 2011 : Messi dribble vs USA. USA referee calls for a foul on Messi outside the box when Messi alredy dribbled past everyone and is about to score ,
~ Messi vs Sevilla 2016 : Yellow carded for losing his shoe ,
~ Messi vs Atletico Madrid 2014 : Yellow carded for kicking the ball in the middle of the park after half time whistle ,
~ Messi vs Hungary 2005 : Messi debut match for Argentina. Red carded for opposition player’s dive. One of the fastest red cards in football. They only red card in Messi’s career. Undeserved ,
~ Messi vs Brazil 2010 : Yellow card for celebrating too much even though it was an extra time match winning goal ,
~ Messi vs Valencia 2014 : Gets yellow card for telling referee that he got hit by a bottle thrown by Valencia fans from crowd. Messi was bleeding and needed bandage ,

And that is not all. Messi has nearly dozens of yellow cards just for talking with the referee !

The Injustice against Lionel Andres Leo Messi – Messi vs Referee – Fair Play vs Stupidity – The Worst , Most Ridiculous , Stupidest Mistakes (Decisions) & Fails by Football Referees vs MESSI |

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