Throughout the hundreds of thousands of hours of sports moments there have been some jaw dropping moments you need to see to believe today we’re counting down the 15 must see sports moments

Indiana hoosiers Colin hartman proposes to his girlfriend on senior day, at this basketball game, this highschooler gives a very emotional and upbringing speech, and when he finishes he proposes to his girlfriend and her reaction is priceless

This first moment comes from the legend himself cristiano ronaldo, just before an international game, ronaldo greets all of the young fans that are about to walk out of the tunnel, he hugs each individual kid in a true show of respect and sportsmanship

In this next moment elliot daly kicks this rugby ball which ends up going out of play for a line out but this one in a million moment is incredible the rugby ball actually lands in a bin past the lineout line

This next moment comes from a school in japan, one of the teams scores what they believe to be the game winning hoop but as they are celebrating one kid does the impossible

This next moment comes from the sport axe throwing which is similar to archery but with axes, but this axe throwing attempt nearly goes very wrong this woman throws an axe at the target but it bounces back towards her nearly killing her

This next wisconsin high school football team let a waterboy with down syndrome score a touchdown with the team he’s been assisting for years, his parents reactions are also very moving

This next truly bizarre moment comes from baseball game which is interrupted when a small plane crashes into the corner of the pitch, luckily no one on the ground was hit and everyone around goes to help the pilot of the aircraft after it crashes

This next moment was talked about for years when it happened, this next moment comes froma boxing match between ridick bowe and evenader holyfield, in the middle of this boxing match a man literally parachutes into the stands

This moment is both funny and heartwarming simultaneously, this post game tennis moment shows a shorter tennis player dragging his chair over to the net and standing on the chair so he can hug his opponent ivo karlovic

10 – This next insane one in a million moment comes from a very skillful ballboy who manages to catch a tennis ball roger federer casually hits out of play the catch grabs the attention of the audience and went viral

Ibrahimovic is one of the most legendary footballers of all time and for good reason, some of the things he can do with a football shouldn’t be possible, like this 30 yard bicycle kick goal in this sweden vs england match

This next beautiful moment comes from a post nba game where an nba legend gives his basketball shoes to a very lucky young fan whos reaction is priceless

This next moment is one of the most famous football moments of all time, this crazy rene goalkeeper risks it all when he decides to not use his hands to save this shot but instead performs a scorpion kick

This next moment is shocking, this sports moment shows the moments fans riot after their team gets relegated after this football match, a huge fire is started and the players are rushed off the pitch

This next moment shows a man who parachutes into this local small scale football match, interrupting the game and making this one of the weirdest pitch invasions of all time

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